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What We Do

The Mahoning Valley Family Center strives to bring diversity, inclusion, and a stronger family atmosphere to the Mahoning Valley. 


Everyone is welcome! 


Although the term 'family' is in the title, 'family' can be defined as whatever is valid to each community member. As technology brings forth solidarity, the purpose of MVFC is to bring our residents together through interactive programs and activities helping to learn, grow, and inspire one another. 


The MVFC offers indoor and outdoor activities including science, arts and crafts, STEM activities, sports, games, and more.


The classes are low, or no cost and is affordable for all residents throughout the Mahoning Valley.


Come visit us at one of our events or contact us to schedule an event at your organization! We would love to provide an event for your agency or organization promoting an interactive learning environment and strengthening the family atmosphere of those you serve!

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