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We've got some Family Fun, Mahoning Valley!

Hello, MV Families:

It's another Friday and what better way to end a week than with another MVFC Family Fun blog post?

Today we are showcasing a "Hovercraft Science Experiement." (We will wait a moment while everyone goes "Ooooooooo...." lol.)

What you'll need:

  • A balloon

  • Hot glue gun**

  • Dish soap cap

  • An old cd

**SAFTY ALWAYS: due to the nature of this activity we suggest that the grown-ups either work with or definitely supervise the use of the hot glue gun.


  1. Hot glue the dish soap cap to the CD (add the hot glue to the bottom of the cap, then press the cap down on the center of cd)

  2. Let the glue harden

  3. Slip the balloon over the cap

  4. Once the balloon is on the cap, pull the cap upward

  5. Blow up the balloon through the hole on the other side

  6. Press your cap down until ready to let the hovercraft go

When you are ready, pull the cap up with the balloon and watch it glide across the floor!

The Science behind the Hover:

The science works with force.

Because the force of the air expells from the balloon at a certain speed, it creates a cushion of air between the bottom of the cd and the surface it is on. This cushion allows the cd to glide over the surface.

Today's Family Fun Friday Experiement is brought to you by Living Life and Learning

Make sure to share your comments below (or on Facebook) on how the hover works for you and your family! We would love to see photos too!

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