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Today is Tuesday and that Means Team Building!

Hello, Mahoning Valley:

Check out our Team Building Tuesday Challenge: the Blindfolded Indoor Obstacle Course

What you Need:

  • At least two people

  • 1 blindfold (any thick fabric will do as long as it isn't transparent)

  • Household items that can be manurvered around

  • A "standing point" (an agreed upon space where the person giving instructions will stand from)

  • A "finish line" (an agreed upon space that is considered the finishing point)

How you Do it:

Break into two-person teams:

Blindfold one team member while the other team member gives verbal instructions from a stationary place in the house. The blindfoled family member is guided through the obstacle course to the finish line. They must rely heavily on trust and communication to complete the challenge.

While the Youtube video shows the teams outdoors, the indoors mazes and obstacle courses are just as fun.

Make sure to share your experience with us via Facebook @MahoningValleyFC!

Have a great week, Mahoning Valley!

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