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Time for Some Team Building!

Hello, Mahoning Valley:

Check out an easy, fun, and messy team building challenge! The "Blindfolded Feeding Game."

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What You'll Need:

Blind fold

Food (could be applesauce, could be an apple. Whatever it is, it will be fun!)

Smock, bib, or old clothes (depending on the food you and your family chooses)

How You'll Do it:

One team member gets blindfolded, the other member sits or stands in front of them and waits to get fed.

If you have more than one person on a team, the others can direct the blindfolded member to where the feedee's mouth is.

Oh, What Fun You'll have!

~ ~ ~

Did you try the Blindfolded Feeding Game? Share with the MVFC your results on Facebook @MahoningValleyFC or through email at

Have an idea for Family Fun Friday or Team Building Tuesday you'd like to share with us? Make sure to message us on FB or send us an email! We will let you know if your idea is picked and give you credit for it!

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