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The Human Knot and Team Building Tuesday

Hello, Mahoning Valley Families! Check out our new and interesting team building activity for Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

Say 'hello!' to the Human Knot

Photo From Mom Junction


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What do do:

  1. Make a circle with your family.

  2. Put your hands in the middle and everyone grab two hands without looking at each other.

  3. Now your family has to talk to one another on how to untangle without letting go of the hands. It may involve climbing over arms or crawling under.

  4. Your family will become more tangled if they don’t communicate with each other.

The human knot helps family members express their ideas and opinions and work to listen to others.


Did you have fun with your team building today? If you did, share your experience in our comments below, send us pictures at, or come post your photos on our FB page @MahoningValleyFC!

Have a great week Mahoning Valley!

This activity was brought to MVFC by Mom Junction

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