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The Flour Game (and some more family fun)

While the flour game can be a "minute-to-win-it" challenge, it requires no set time! Of course, if you want to race your family to see who can get the candy first, no one is going to stop you.

What You'll Need:

  1. White Flour

  2. Bowl

  3. A plate

  4. One straight tool like a butter knife, chopstick, popcicle stick (to be shared with each person on their turn

  5. Some form of hard candy or edible treat

What You'll Do:

  1. Pack the white flour into the bowl tightly

  2. Put the plate on the top of the bowl then flip the bowl and plate upside down

  3. Remove the bowl from the flour (and just like sand, the flour should stay in the shape of the bowl)

  4. Place the edible treat on top of the flour

  5. Then, take turns trying to knock the treat off the top of the flour mound

  6. Once you knock the mound down (and the treat is hidden in the flour), a family member has to find the treat with their mouth!

  7. The one to find the treat the fastest could be the winner (if a timer is used)

Have a great weekend, Mahoning Valley!

Today's Activity Brought to You By One Good Thing By Jillee

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