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Team Building with Conversation and Yarn!

Hello, Mahoning Valley!

Let's team build today (Tuesday) with converstaion and yarn. It's a communication game called "This or That?"

What You'll Need:

  • Craft Sticks (any number will do, but get enough so your family/team has a lot of choices)

  • Coffee tin (or some similar kind of container)

  • Sharpie (to write on the craft sticks with)

  • Yarn (wrapped into a ball)

How to Play:

  • Write two words on each end of a craft stick; examples are "chocolate or vanilla," "cat's or dog's," "jelly or peanut butter," "travel or stay home," make sure to have something eacy person will get to choose from.

  • Add all sticks to your container

  • Sit in a circle

  • First person will wrap the yarn around their wrist, pick a stick, and then pick between the two words (e.g. if it is "Disney Land or Disney World,"pick which place you'd prefer) then say your choice outloud.

  • Ask who agrees with you.

  • When people raise their hands pick one person to toss the yarn ball to. Then, that person will choose the next person with their hand raised to toss the ball to.

  • The ball gets tossed to another person who had their hand raised until no one is left with a raised hand.

  • Then, the person to the left of the first who first drew a stick goes next and the hand-raising, ball-tossing starts over again.

  • Continue this until everyone has had a turn and all the sticks have run out.

Once you are completely out of sticks try to stand up and figure out how to get yourself out of the yarn maze you've built between yourself and the team. This last part will also take some good communication!

This Activity is Brought to You By: Amateur Craft Hour


Don't forget to share your experience with the MVFC on Facebook @MahoningValleyFC or via email at

Have an idea for Team Building Tuesdays? Send us your thoughts via email at, we'll share it on our blog, and give you a shoutout.

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