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Team Building Tuesday is here again

Hello, Mahoning Valley:

It's Tuesday again and please find a fun team building challenge for you and your family unit!

Find the instrucutions for the "Blanket Flip."

Can your team flip the blanket without getting off the blanket?

What You'll Need:

  • A blanket

  • One to any number of people

How You'll Flip the Blanket:

  • Make sure to lie the blanket flat on the floor

  • You're team will stand on top of the blanket

  • Communicate with one another and flip the blanket completely over without stepping off the blanket.

  • If someone falls or steps off the blanket start over again

~ ~ ~

Don't forget to share your experience with the MVFC on Facebook @MahoningValleyFC or via email at

Have an idea for team building idea? Send us your thoughts via email at, we'll share it on our blog, and give you a shoutout.

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