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Team Building Tuesday!

Today, we found the creep-tastic creeping game Creep Closer.

You Will Need:

  • People!

The Object: Get the rest of the family to touch the captain (together) without speaking to one another!

How To:

  1. Select one person from the group to be the captain. The captain has to stand on one side of the room.

  2. The rest of the players have to stand on one limb, touching the opposite wall.

  3. The players can move freely, but have to maintain complete silence. If the captain turns around, the players have to freeze still. If the captain catches anyone moving, then the whole team will have to return to the starting position.

  4. You can even split the group into two teams who have to compete to touch the captain first. Or let each participant touch the captain individually. If he is caught, he can return to the start, but the other players will stay where they are.

It is one of the excellent team building exercises for teens, as everyone has to work together and communicate effectively.

Today's team building activity is brought to you by Mom Junction.

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