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It's a Team Building Tuesday Mahoning Valley!!

It's time for another team building project! Woo! It's right before Thankgiving and, of course, the family is home on break. Check out these Scavenger Hunt clues/riddles there are a few rules, and getting the family together to find these items are a great way to work together!


The Riddles Below


Split your family into two teams.

Start from a central location in the house and away from drawers and closets. If your home has several floors, the best option is to start in a room that sees less foot traffic.

How To Play

Give each team the first riddle on the list. Once they work out the answer, they have to go and find the item and bring it back to the person giving out the clues.

If they return with the correct item, they should be given the next riddle.


These additional rules don’t have to be included, but can be a good idea if you want to make the scavenger hunt a little harder:

Players aren’t allowed to get the items from a stationery cupboard – lock the cupboard if possible or have a colleague guard it to prevent cheating!Every person on the team has to go and collect an item at least once (or twice if the teams are small enough) – this means the team with the fastest runner doesn’t automatically win


Here are the 10 free office scavenger hunt riddles.

1 – Pencil

It’s sometimes sharp And good at being lead Using this will help Things to be read

2 – Calculator

It may have pi But eaten it can’t be Use its root before nine And you’ll get three

3 – Staple

It goes before “food” For things we routinely eat In an office it has two bent legs But never any feet

4 – Highlighter

This type of pen sounds like What you may put in your hair If you need to mark things This is what you’d use there

5 – Post-it Notes

Rectangular or square It’s good for sticking Somewhere on your desk So you don’t forget that thing

6 – Pen

Its contents are wet They sound like they come from a squid When putting one in your pocket Make sure you attach its lid

7 – Calendar

This item has a lot of dates But a fruit it is not Your plans for the year Is what it has got

8 – Scissors

This item has handles But it isn’t a car It has pointy ends But it isn’t a star

9 – Paper Clip

It isn’t a coat hanger But is made of wire that’s bent For attaching emergencies This item’s heaven sent

10 – Eraser

If you make a mistake This will wipe it away But not with pens Used that way ink will stay

This activity is brought to you by:

Make sure to share your scavenger hunt stories with us on facebook @MahoningValleyFC. Happy hunting and Thanksgiving to you all Mahoning Valley.

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