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Friday Fun with Bubbles

You blow bubbles with bubble mix, and can blow bubbles in a drink with a can bubbles be more fun? Add some paint and make some family art!

What You'll Need:

  1. Acrylic Paint

  2. Dish soap

  3. Straw (as many as you have people)

  4. A small bowl

  5. Cardstock or water color

What You'll Do:

  1. Add paint and dishsoap together in your bowl

  2. Mix paint and soap together

  3. Add water to paint/soap mixture (enough to fill up the bowl)

  4. Once the color is mixed through, take the straw and blow up your bubbles (but don't blow them out of the bowl!)

  5. Place your card stock on the bubbles and watch them pop paint color over the sheet

  6. After you're done with the first round, you will have to blow the bubbles up again

  7. Continue until your canvas is covered

  8. Let the paintings dry over night and keep them for years to come

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