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Floating Fall Family Activity

Hello, Mahoning Valley!

It's Family Fun Friday today and we have a cool fall-themed activity for you that promotes learning about static electricity.

Photo from



Tissue Paper—any color



(and a table)

How to:

1. Take your tissue paper and cut out your favorite fall shape.

2. Tape the bottom of your shape to your table.**

3. Rub the balloon on a sweater or a head of hair to gather some extra electrons.

4. Move the balloon over your Halloween shapes.

The balloon is attracted to the tissue paper. The tissue paper will rise up. As you move the balloon around, the tissue paper will move as well.

**Just a note: If you don’t tape down your tissue paper, your Halloween shapes will most likely just get stuck to the balloon.

This activity is brought to you by Inspiration Laboratories

MVFC would like to see your shapes! Make sure to share your photos with us on our Facebook page @MahoningValleyFV or send us your fun pictures to

Have a great weekend Mahoning Valley!

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