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Family Fun on a Frosty Morning

Hello, Mahoning Valley!

It's Friday again, and time for some family fun!

Today, we bring you a snowperson baking soda science experiement, and we're here to watch them melt!

Picture From Little Bins for Little Hands

What You'll Need:

  • small plastic cups (for shaping your snowperson, and can be foundat the dollar store)

  • baking soda

  • vinegar

  • water

  • black beads

  • orange foam paper (for the nose)

  • basters, eyedroppers, or spoons

  • glitter and sequins (optional)

  • food coloring (also optional)

How You'll Build the Snowperson:

To make your crumbly, yet, pack-able dough, add water slowly to the baking soda. It shouldn't run or have extra liquid in it.

For the face, place to beads and an orange triangle nose in the bottom of the cup.

When your ready, add some mixture to the cup. Then place any of your optional items (aka, beads, sequins, glitter, food coloring) to the top of the baking soda dough and cover with more dough.

Place in the freezer (could be 30 mins, could be overnight). If you/your family chooses to let the snowpeople freeze overnight, make sure to run hot water (parentental supervision required!) on the outside of the cups to allow the snowpeople to slide out easier.

How You'll Melt the Snowman:

Set out the snowperson on a tray or a dish, and get your baster and a bowl of vinegar.   Start squirting the vinegar over your snowperson and watch it begin to melt.

The Science Behind the Snow

The chemical reaction that occurs between the baking soda and the vinegar produces a gas, carbon dioxide. This happens when a base {baking soda} and an acid {vinegar} mix. There’s bubbling and fizzing you can hear, see, smell, and touch!

This science experiment is a quick WOW factor experiment that also explore the kinetics involved in chemistry, a quick reaction! Also it explores the reaction between a solid and a liquid to produce a gas.

This activity was brought to you by Little Bins for Little Hands

~ ~ ~

Did you try the Melting Snowperson Experiment? Share with the MVFC your results on Facebook @MahoningValleyFC or through email at

Have an idea for family fun Friday or team building Tuesday you'd like to share with us? Make sure to message us on FB or send us an email! We will let you know if your idea is picked and give you credit for it!

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