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Family Fun—Holiday Edition!

Hello, Mahoning Valley! Today we are sending out a family fun Friday post with Candy Cane Science!

Dissolving Candy Cane Photo from

What You Need:

Candy Canes

Water (or any variety of liquid from the kitchen—oil, vinegar, club soda, milk, juice, or more)


Kitchen Scale (optional)

Clear glasses or containers to view the candy cane's reaction

A candy cane dissolving record sheet from Little Bins for Little Hands

How You Do It:

Pour your liquids into different cups, clear plastic or glass will work best so your family can see the reaction candy canes have to each liquid.

  1. If choosing only water, you can make the experiement more interesting by using different temperatures—boiling, cold, warm. **This does require adult assistance for handling very hot water.

  2. Pour water into the glasses

  3. Place candy canes in each glass

  4. Talk about what you think will happen, then watch what happens, time what happens, and see what will happen!

What is the Science with Candy Canes?

If you use a kitchen scale, you can talk about numbers, weight, and measurements.

Read more about the scientific process for kids.

Make sure to download a candy cane dissolving science recording sheet from Little Bins for Little Hands

This science experiment is brought to you by Little Bins for Little Hands

Remember, always be safe! Safety is the most important thing!

~ ~ ~

Did you try the Dissolving Candy Cane experiement? Share with the MVFC your results on Facebook @MahoningValleyFC or through email at

Have an idea for Family Fun Friday or Team Building Tuesday you'd like to share with us? Make sure to message us on FB or send us an email! We will let you know if your idea is picked and give you credit for it!

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