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Family Fun Friday . . . With Science!

Good Morning, Mahoning Valley!

While the winter months in Ohio are unpredicatable (weather-wise), and this December weather is resembiling spring instead, we thought we would give you and your family something to shiver about with science! So, today, let us present the science experiment: "Arctic Chill."

What You'll Need:

Crisco or shortening

Plastic bags (sandwhich size)

One large bowl

Ice (lots of ice!)


What You'll Do:

Fill up your large bowl with water and ice

Put your bare hand in the bowl of water and ice

Take your hand and slather it in shortening

Place a plastic bag around their hand and the shortening

Then, place your hand into the icey water to see how polar bears and other arctic animals stay warm!

Talk about what happens

The Science Behind the Blubber:

Arctic animals stay warm with their layers of fat. The crisco (shortening), acts as a layer of fat when its put over your hand. The baggie or latext gloves act as the skin. The extra layers of fat help the arctic animals stay warm in the cold and in the water. It's really that simple.

This experiment opens up a discussion to talk about animal habitiats, geography of the arctic and the artic ocean, and the different kinds of animals that live in the area. You can also talk about why some animals live in certain areas while others can't survive in the cold.

This experiement was brought to you by, Forgetful Momma

~ ~ ~

Did you try the Arctic Chill? What were your results? Make sure to share them with the MVFC on Facebook @MahoningValleyFC or through email at

Have an idea for Family Fun Friday or Team Building Tuesday you'd like to share with us? Make sure to message us on FB or send us an email! We will let you know if your idea is picked and give you credit for it!

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