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Family Fun Friday with MVFC

Hello, Mahoning Valley and welcome to another fun Friday with your family! Please see the latest family fun activity the "Snowblower Game."

What You'll Need:

  • Two or more people

  • Empty papertowel rolls (use as many as teams you have)

  • Plastic cups

  • Styrofoam balls or pingpong balls work well too

  • Scotch tape (or a similar adhsive)

How You'll Become a Snowblower:

  • Split into teams

  • Tape or adhere the cups to an edge of a counter

  • Set up the balls in the same place

  • Read, Set, Go! Start blowing!

  • Get the ball into the cup first and you win!

  • Do it as many times as you'd like (rematches are always a must!)

Today's game was brought to you by: Thinking IQ

~ ~ ~

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