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Family Fun Friday . . . with Math

Let's have some fun with math this Friday, Mahoning Valley:

You may ask how a bunch of cards, four game pieces, and one die can help learn multiplication together. Scroll down to find out more.

What You'll Need:

  1. Deck of playing cards

  2. Game pieces for each player

  3. One or two dice

How to Play:

The object of this game is to be the first to travel from start to finish.

  1. Start with a complete deck of cards, as well as 1–2 dice and game pieces for each player. Ace=1, Jack=11, Queen=12, and King=13.

  2. For younger kids, try to write down the values on an index card so they won't have to remember.

  3. Build a spiral out of the 52 cards. This spiral will be your board.

  4. Each player places their game piece at the start, which is the center of the spiral.

  5. To start, the first player rolls a die and moves that number of cards. Then multiply the number on their die with the value of the card they landed on. If they solve it correctly, they stay; otherwise, they go back to their previous position.

  6. Players then take turns rolling and moving around the board.

  7. If a player lands on a card with another player on it, they “bump” that player back to start.

  8. If a player lands on a “double,” meaning the number on their die and the value of their card is the same, they get to go again.

  9. The first player to land on the last card and correctly solve the multiplication problem wins!

What Skills You'll Learn:

Multiplication (or any other operations you prefer).

Today's Activity Brought to You By Math Geek Mama

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