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Family Fun Friday!

Hello, Mahoning Valley!

It's time to have some family fun this Friday!

Fall is here, it's time to make it rain! This week's activity is to create a storm in a jar together and see what fun can happen!


A glass or jar

Shaving cream

Glow in the dark or neon paint



Cups or bowls

The Preperation:

Before beginning your experiment talk about weather, rain clouds and how they form.  Talk about weather systems, storms, thunder, and tornadoes.  

Steps for Making it Rain:

1. To make your "glowing rain" add a tiny amount of glowing paint to a cup.  

2. Fill the cup with warm water and stir until the paint dissolves.  

3. Repeat the above steps for each color of glowing "rain" and "lightning" that you wish to make.  4. Next, fill a jar 3/4 of the way with water and use shaving cream on top to form a cloud. 5. Grab the pipettes and let your experiment begin! Don't forget to send us your pictures or leave a comment below about how it worked for you and your family!

The Experiment Clouds fill with moisture in the air. When they fill with enough moisture they become over-saturated, and it rains. The idea behind this experiment is to visually illustrate a full cloud by filling your shaving cream cloud with moisture until the cloud gets so heavy that it rains.

The Process 1. Have kids fill their pipettes with the glowing rain colors and then squeeze them into the shaving cream cloud.

2. It helps to have kids place the pipettes inside the shaving cream cloud each time they go to add more rain.  At first you will notice the cloud swelling with the liquid. 3. Once the cloud fills with enough moisture it will begin to "rain"

This week's activity is brought to you by Growing a Jeweled Rose (Thank You!)

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