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Family Fun and Friday Science

Hello, Mahoning Valley:

Time to make some underwater volcanos (and bonus for the grown-ups it causes minimal mess)!

What You'll Need:

  • Two clear containers (glass or plastic), one large and one small enough to sit inside the large one

  • A rock or small object to weight down the small container

  • WaterFood coloring

  • Stick or chopstick for mixing

How To Make your Volcano:

  1. Fill the large container with cold water.

  2. Fill the small container with hot water.

  3. Place the rock in the bottom of the small container.

  4. Add food coloring to the small container. We mixed red and yellow to get orange.

  5. Gently place the small container in the large container keeping the small container upright. (You may want an adult to help with this, especially if using glass containers like we did.)

  6. Finally, watch the eruption happen!

The Science Explained:

  • The hot water rises because the molecules in it move faster and expand. This causes the hotter water to become less dense and it rises through the cold water with the illusion of being a "volcano."

Today's Activity Brought to You By: Raising Dragons

~ ~ ~

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